The Form of Wind

The form of wind, 2013, single-channel video projection, color, 20 min loop
The cloth in the video: 130cm x 130 cm, Photographic Print on Silk, 2013


The silk cloth printed colour of the sky is set it up in the small garden. In the garden as an organic space, the sky can disentangle itself from its own definition — the space that lies a certain distance above the surface of the earth — and it can take any form freely in the natural wind every moment.
Further, as one sees the other side through the woven cloth, it can express the ambiguity and uncertainly of: what one was looking at a few seconds before in the past; what one is looking at now; what one will be looking at in the future. The universal thing in the scene may be only the wind, which is the invisible element; nevertheless, one is seeing it through the swinging cloths. And viewers aware of their own situations that they are looking at the cloth objectively through the small monitor, and they can dive into the concept of sky or time gradually in their unconsciousness more slowly.